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Occupational Therapy

Consummate Therapy Book 2

By Willsin Rowe & Katie Salidas

On the floor, with Master’s hand on my head, I felt safe. I knew I’d only truly begun my journey. But basking in the presence of my Master, enjoying His touch, gave me such a strong sense of homecoming, of belonging.

Master Sweet sat up and His penetrating blue eyes met mine. I saw only kindness and patience there, and it pleased me beyond words to know I’d put that expression on His face. I couldn’t remember the last time anyone, man or woman, had looked at me with anything other than fear or loathing. I’d built that environment around me, and had convinced myself it made me excel. Only now, with Master, could I see what a brittle existence that was.

He rolled off the cast iron bed and stood. Just the sight of His muscular body, slick with the sheen of sweat from our session, sent a thrill of excitement through me.

“Stand, Natasha.” It was a command, but His smooth baritone voice was tempered with tenderness. I rose before Him, took His hand in both mine and placed it on my heart. Instinctively, I kept my eyes lowered, hoping my overt act of submission pleased Him.

Master eased His hand from my grip and curled His strong arms around me, holding me to His hot, thudding chest and pinning my hands between our bodies. “This has been an intense learning curve for you, but you have done exceptionally well. I am proud of you.”

I nestled my head in against His neck and sighed.

He pushed back ever so slightly. “Now, it’s time to go home.”

I tensed against Him. My first instinct was to simply refuse, but I knew that would get me nowhere. He was the Master and I had to accept His will. The afternoon’s experience had been so powerful that I was struggling to remember anything outside of this room. I wasn’t sure I ever wanted to leave. This place, this man, felt like a warm bed, and His command to go home shocked me back to reality like the harsh tones of an alarm clock. I pressed my head harder against Him in the hope He’d change His mind.

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