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Similarly, should you visit Yoxter in Somerset you will not find a manor house of medieval design as I have described. If someone since the time of writing and publication has managed to build either building then please let me know, for I would enjoy visiting both estates and would certainly benefit from a stay at Flash Seminary.

The Crooked Spire in Chesterfield perhaps should be a work of fiction but is entirely authentic and really is worth taking a look at.

Oberammergau, the beguiling Bavarian village, is very beautiful and very much real, as is Bristol. Well at least I hope Bristol is because that's where I live.

With German nouns, I have retained the German convention of spelling them with a capital letter. The use of German is purely for artistic embellishment and I apologies to any German readers who may take umbrage with any inaccuracies or misuse.

I know of no clandestine organisation referred to as the firm though I believe the London Metropolitan Police Service does exist. Any links between the service and the nebulous firm are purely fictional.

Pete Heathmoor

Bristol, England. October 2012

Table of Contents.

Prologue - The Grievous Widow.

Chapter 1 - A Laber of Love.

Chapter 2 - Glossing over the Negligence.

Chapter 3 - A Blimp on the Landscape.

Chapter 4 - Heavenly Homes in the High Peak.

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