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The Lady Wore Red – Chapter 2

Mark Graham

Copyright Mark Graham 2012

Published by Mark Graham at Smashwords

Michael woke with a groan when his bedside clock blared its siren. His body ached in weird places and he couldn't remember exactly how he made his way home last night. The evening was a blur after his fifth glass of beer at the bar. Sixth? Seventh? There was that woman and giving her a car ride home but everything after that was fragmentary. Snatches of images and distorted sounds swam to the surface of his memory and then fled when he tried to latch on to them. He rolled over and sat up, slamming the clock to silence it. No time to think about it now – it would come to him or it wouldn't but right now his headache was killing him. He ran his fingers through his hair, twisting his neck left and right. With another stretch he stood and nearly sat back down again. His body felt heavy and stupid. Fucking hung over and a rough night. He told himself as he made his way to the bathroom.

The warm shower helped tremendously. Michael stood with his back to it, feeling the warmth soak in. Soap and shampoo followed shortly after and he was soon toweling himself dry. His headache was slowly fading but when he looked in the mirror to shave, he was consumed by a sudden and intense wave of vertigo. He leaned forward immediately and gripped the sink to keep him steady. Raising his head to try again brought a fresh wave of nausea and cold sweat to go with the vertigo.

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