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The Sky Behind Me

A Memoir of Flying and Life

Byron H. Edgington

The heart of a man can want no more than this.”

Published by The Educational Publisher at Smashwords

Copyright © 2012 Byron Edgington and The Educational Publisher

ISBN: 9781622490455


For Mariah, the love of my life.

For the unsung heroes of pre-hospital medicine, EMTs and Paramedics who do the dirty work of saving our wretched lives day in and day out.

A special dedication to Doctor Stuart S. Roberts MD 1930-2001.

To my colleagues: oily side down, tailwinds, maintain rpm and don’t forget to check the Jesus nut. Aloha.

To my dear wife who happens to be my best editor, too. How lucky am I? And to the following who tried to make me a better writer, especially to those very few who succeeded: Terry Jacobs from H.S. English class, Lee Martin, Michelle Herman, Connie Shelton, (Hawaii was fantastic advice), the critiques were even better. Randy Mains, full rpm brother, and keep ‘em coming. Maura Heaphy for her efforts to get me on the map, and all my fellow Buckeyes, especially the class of 2012. O-H! Liese Schwarz, good eye my friend. And to my wonderful readers who keep finding ways to keep me writing. The heart of a man can want no more than this.

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