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Show Her

Copyright © 2011 by T.L. Curtis

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ISBN 978-1-105-35498-4


Erika heard the scream from across the courtyard. It was brief, harsh, and lovely. She slid down the side of the high bed, the achromatic silk sheets rustling quietly, her master twitching slightly in his ignorant slumber, and made her way to the open window welcoming a warm, summer breeze. She could see precious little due to her angle, the distance, and the pulled shade of the neighboring house. But she found delight in hearing the man sobbing on the phone to 911; the woman panting in pain and amazement; the hectic movement of limbs, mere shadows, jerking as he lifted her, and the gray ghosts grew fainter and fainter until they dissipated. Erika smiled—relieved, calmed, avenged— let out the breath it felt like she’d been holding for years, and made her way back to bed.


“I’m afraid.”

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