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Mile High Mayhem – Tokyo Temptress

Mile High Mayhem – Tokyo Temptress

Danielle Delaney

Copyright 2012 by Danielle Delaney

Smashwords Edition

It was a phone call that started like all others. The phone rang demanding to be answered, like phones do.

Terry saw via the caller ID display that it was his boss on the other line.

“Hey boss, what’s up?” he said cheerfully into the handset.

“If you have a minute Terry, come into my office. I need to talk to you about one of our clients.” his boss, David replied.

“On my way.”

After hanging up Terry was indeed, on his way. It wasn’t a far walk, working within the same building but it pays to be punctual when summoned by your boss.

Terry was a business development manager of Betscan Corporation. This company had clients worldwide and offered innovative software for the increasing gambling industry. The software was incredibly intricate having to be able to tabulate the potentially millions of combinations and permutations with ever changing odds in the gambling and race industry. Intuitive coding helped to identify potential ‘fixes’ and insider knowledge to prevent those willing to run the gambit of the law to make illegal gains.

It was a complicated system which needed to be as secure as most banking software if not more.

Hundreds of millions of dollars, if not billions of dollars were gambled daily throughout the world. The systems needed to run these smoothly were incredible intricate and that is without the potential for illegally playing the gambling world.

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