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A Short Story


David S. Rubenstein

Copyright 1997 David S. Rubenstein

Originally published in

The MacGuffin”, April, 1997

Smashwords Edition

Hunger woke him long before the sun. The full moon still hung high above the dry Ethiopian landscape when he emerged from the thatch-roofed stone hut. It cast pale shadows that accentuated the smallest of objects. Maybe, he reasoned, if he set out by the light of the moon, he would be the first to happen upon some tenacious edible which had struggled from the parched earth during the night.

He looked back into the doorway of the round cell he had called his home since his wedding day eleven years ago, but the moon was behind it, and only darkness met his gaze. Just as well, he thought, for the sight of his family reduced to living skeletons was not one which he had yet learned to accept. He turned and set out across the desert, pulling his wrap against the night chill.

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