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by Geoffrey A. Feller

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 by Geoffrey A. Feller



Natalie Dvorak was sitting at the diner counter, a cup of black coffee by her left hand, a plate alongside it with some bread crust and a few bits of potato chips remaining of her club sandwich dinner. She glanced up at the clock above the plating window.

It was past 8 p.m. and the person she’d spoken to over the phone was late. It had been a prank call, perhaps. Someone out to put her on a wild goose chase, waste her time. It was April Fool’s Day, after all.

When this coffee’s gone, Natalie thought, then so am I. Least I was hungry when I got here.

She wondered if there could really be any new evidence in the McDevitt case that might overturn the man’s conviction. In a way Natalie wanted to be confronted with something to challenge her certainty that the right man had been charged and sentenced. She liked to argue in favor of her theories during investigations when her colleagues disagreed with them. But to do so after the trial was over and the verdict returned would be something new for her.

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