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The Summer Drew Forth

Brennen P Ivy

Copyright 2012 by Brennen P Ivy

Smashwords Edition


The time that followed the terrible and unknown death of my first child in the womb, brought me to the point personal pain and grief.

I had to get special permission from the military in order to leave my post and be with my wife during this unfortunate time in our lives. It was during this time that I had the thought about the story of a young child going through grief of her own as well as her mother. Grief that she was forced to live alongside in her small and naïve life. My personal thoughts and feelings on the subject of pain and loss, and the fact I wanted to write a story detailing a young girls own issues, made me look into the fact of other accidents taking away loved ones.

I wanted to take the time and thank mostly my loving wife, who went through this grieving state with me, in the loss of our first child.

My children Ameria and Jorge who though weren’t there for the issue of the loss, have none the less played an intricate part in my life and are the most special part of it. I do hope that in reading this book wrought with the many feeling that come with loss, will in no way over shadow the joy that others brings in their lives and will always convey.

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