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The Social Workshop

Galaxy Asunder

The Social Workshop

The Social Workshop was created in 2012 by Adrianna White. As an avid social/party game hobbyist, she wanted to bring her own favorite games to the world of eBooks. Each of these games have been developed over a number of years, crafted by Adrianna personally, deconstructed, and then rebuilt once more. They are intended to bring people together instead of keeping them apart.

Our Party Games are designed to create a fun atmosphere for all types of game players. From the casual player to the advanced player, everyone can have fun playing one of our party games. They consist of a day round and night round, in which specific roles will be able to carry out their designated functions. This creates a tense and worthwhile experience that allows alliances to be formed and subsequently broken the next round.

Battle Cards turns an ordinary set of playing cards into a rich and rewarding game that allows for world and character building and even contains an expanded loot system that creates incentive for all to play again and again. Like Battle Cards, we have a game called Battle Dice, where a common dice set becomes much more than originally intended. Create characters, share stories, and eliminate the common monsters that stand between yourselves and glory.

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