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The van Sietter Bride Who Brought Happiness in Her Pocket


Naoko Smith

Published by Naoko Smith at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 Naoko Smith

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The van Sietter Bride Who Brought Happiness in Her Pocket

aptainofthepeace-Lord Arkyll el Maien van Sietter opened his slanted blue eyes and stared dreamily at the pattern of dancing animals on his curtains. Light shone vaguely through the threads of the curtains suggesting it was time he got up.

He knew they were dancing animals although everyone-else said the curtains were so faded that you could no longer see the pattern. He had stayed on in the old nursery when his father gave his foster brother a separate room and his memory’s eye lay under his eye so he could still make the animals out. Every so often his father said they must choose some new curtains and he would say, Oh yes papa. I have some important work in hand with the peace corps but as soon as I have finished I will come with you to the furnishing warehouses. After a few days his father would forget about it.

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