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Tony Downs

The Hunt

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Garaaga's Children








Closet Treats

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A Tony Downs Story

by Paul Elard Cooley

Rain fell in the cold December night. Through the mist, he saw himself diving beneath a car as a rifle came to bear on him. The rifle bucked against a shoulder and a gout of flame chased away the roof's shadows. The bolt retracted and a shell casing struck the roof with a tinny jingle.

The rifle came to bear again and then suddenly the body went stiff. A huge galvanic push between the temples, a crimson tidal wave of pain flashed in the brain. An interior scream, and then he was suddenly falling over the dingy edge of the roof. The world spun for a moment and then the concrete filled his vision.

Tony awoke with a start. He kept his eyes closed for a moment and tried to shake off the dream. The man falling off the roof followed by the wet squelch as the body hit the concrete. Its broken face staring up at him with lifeless eyes amidst the growing pool of blood…

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