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Madeline sang off-key as she took a shortcut through the park to get downtown. There was drinking to be done and it was only midnight -- the bars were still open. Hopefully she could save her so-far-disappointing night.

Cindy, her ride, had breathlessly said she’d take Madeline home but Cindy had been sprawled topless on her boyfriend's lap with one of his hands pulling her tits out of her bra and the other up her very short skirt -- her panties already on the floor -- when she’d said it. Madeline couldn’t guess how long that was going to take and really didn't want to watch her best friend have sex. Especially because the guy she’d wanted to nail had left early and with someone else.

His loss, he didn’t know what he was missing -- she'd bet mousey Sophia would be too goody-goody to even give him head. Madeline would've done that and more, giving him a night to remember. No one had ever accused her of being a prude.

She giggled.

She swerved off the path onto the grass and stumbled on the uneven ground in her fuck-me high heels. The spiky heels started sinking into the grass and she almost fell. Frustrated, she kicked them off and they flew, landing in some bushes a couple yards away which made her giggle again.

She knew just what to do. She’d go to Shenanigans and have a few sorry horny saps, the key word being horny, buy her some drinks and then she’d pick out a lucky winner who’d get to take her home.

She frowned. But first she needed to find her shoes -- now where did they go?

Oh. The bushes, right. She swayed over to the bushes and bent over to look for them.

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