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Diary of the Displaced

Book 3

(The Ways)

Glynn James

Smashwords Edition

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* * * * *


Alone again.

Sitting on the ledge in the darkness of The Corridor.

A sword thrust through his chest.

His faithful companion, DogThing - thrown to the horde of Zombies below.

The scaffold bridge that was his only escape - destroyed.

Rudy, Adler, Reg and Marie - all separated by the closed portal.

The portal key - stolen.

His weapons - thrown into the darkness.

Not one, but two dangerous enemies roaming in the darkness.

Could it get much worse for James?


It could.

* * * * *

Knowing that death is not coming is the strangest of feelings...

It may have been days that I've laid here on the rocky cliff, in pain, but somehow I don't think it's really been that long. I hope that the time that has passed in between each unconscious period was merely hours. Every moment that I lie there, not moving, not trying to get away, was more time wasted as Dha'mir wanders around in The Corridor, hunting for CutterJack, and maybe hunting for Abegail and Chione, wherever they were.

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