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Though Brina is captivated by Luke’s moves inside the bedroom and his attentiveness outside the bedroom, she still can’t figure out if Luke knows her true motives. When a party on Luke’s sailboat presents her with the opportunity to seize the password she was hired to acquire, she finds herself choosing between the love of a man and the security of her family.

This is the sixth installment in the Power Players Series and the second story in the LUKE mini-series. View the entire series here.


I reached into the bare refrigerator and pulled out a carton of milk. I checked the expiration date and my heart sank.

“Jesus Christ, Mom. This milk expired three weeks ago.”

The refrigerator exhaled a breath that reeked of rotten broccoli as I slammed the door.

“It’s fine,” my mother replied, taking the carton from my hand and making her way to the sink. “So long as it’s not curdled, it’s perfectly fine to drink. See.”

She poured out the milk and it plopped into the drain, slithering down in sluggish chunks.

“Where’s all the food? What happened to the check I sent you three weeks ago?”

My mother shook out the rest of the milk without looking at me. “It ran out. Your father had a colonoscopy and some blood work done. The co-payments and deductibles are getting out of hand.”

“Why didn’t you call me?” I snatched the empty carton of milk out of her hand, annoyed with my mother though I knew it wasn’t her fault. It was my father and his stupid pride.

I tossed the carton into the trash bin and leaned against the kitchen counter, being careful not to look at the refrigerator where my mother still displayed a baby picture of Ryan in a magnetized frame. Instead, I glared through the window to the backyard where my father was mowing the lawn.

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