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She didn’t often go on such scenic shoots. She moonlit as a sound recorder on the weekends. One job led to another, and she found herself signed on for a job with Ken, that bumbling ass who actually believed in Bigfoot.

Krystal didn’t believe in it. She believed in getting paid. She always wanted to check out more of Oregon as well.

If only her companions weren’t as lame. They were terribly boring. Ken way too into it for his own good and Brandon too plain and conforming.

They came to the edge of the clearing. In the distance, the mountains loomed, their massive size making Krystal realize just how silly this whole shoot was.

They were never going to explore enough to find anything. The place was massive. It got her to thinking…

If there really was a Bigfoot, it would definitely be the place for it to live.

No civilization for miles.

But that is, if she did believe in it, Krystal didn’t.

They crossed over the field of rocks. It guided them down a slope, and for once, she saw Ken falter. He eased, reeling back, searching for another path.

Krystal took a look of what was ahead. She gulped. The rocks led to a steep slope. Then a cliff.

They weren’t going any further.

Ken lowered the camera. He wiped sweat from his forehead, then sat. Krystal did the same. They huddled in a circle.

“What do we do now?”

Krystal hoped they were headed back. If they went over their hours worked, there could be heavy penalties. Ken knew that. He wouldn’t risk it.

“We keep going. We go down.”

Brandon finally spoke up, “We can’t go over our time limit.”

The production company would be pissed. Krystal wasn’t sure what they would be more pissed about, them spending too much time out in the woods, or them coming back with no footage at all.

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