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Bound for Anal (The Billionaire Demands Her Ass)

Published by Faye Parker at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 Faye Parker

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Sasha waited for Vic to return. Her wrists were bound in front of her, the restraints firm yet not cutting off her circulation, which pounded through her, keeping pace with her racing heart.

“Sorry to keep you waiting,” he said. Sasha heard his footsteps echo behind her, but she couldn’t move. Her ankles were tied as well.

She laid her belly on a foam pillow. It was made to raise her ass and keep her face lowered. She could feel her cheeks burn stronger as he approached.

He raised her black skirt, revealing her black thong. He left her that way, and now he was back, staring at her exposed bottom.

She gasped…the breath sucked out of her. She didn’t know how this all happened. She agreed to go out after work with Vic, her boss, the eccentric billionaire, and now there she was, exposed and chained.

Their drink at the bar was quick. He said “You didn’t come out with me because you wanted a drink. You came out with me because you wanted more.”

She played it cool. But it was obvious on her face. Sasha had always wanted her boss, her dominating and commanding instructor. He taught her so much about her work, always demanding more from her, and she always rose to the occasion

“Come with me. I won’t have you standing there trying to pretend like you don’t want something more,” he said, and then he took her by the wrist.

He led her down a winding staircase. It grew darker. They came to a steel door, etched with the outline of a rose with the stem drawn as a whip.

As soon as they were in the wide, industrial basement, he kissed her, grasping her by the waist, and pulling her close.

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