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Published by Musa Publishing, November 2012

This e-Book is licensed to the original purchaser only. Duplication or distribution via any means is illegal and a violation of International Copyright Law, subject to criminal prosecution and upon conviction, fines and/or imprisonment. No part of this e-Book can be reproduced or sold by any person or business without the express permission of the publisher.

ISBN: 978-1-61937-566-6

Published in the United States of America

Editor: Jeanne De Vita

Cover Design: Kelly Shorten

Interior Book Design: Coreen Montagna


This e-book contains adult language and scenes. This story is meant only for adults as defined by the laws of the country where you made your purchase. Store your e-books carefully where they cannot be accessed by younger readers.

For my own hero, who makes everything possible.

Chapter One

Don’t worry, as soon as this is over we’ll ditch the old man and find a real strip club,” groom-to-be Mitch yelled over the pounding beat of the music. Clay Roberts nodded in acknowledgment, more to shut Mitch up than to agree. It was a wonder the father-of-the-bride hadn’t heard Mitch, although Clay thought Mitch might be at a point where he didn’t care.

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