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Citizen Pariah:

The Latelian Cycle Volume Three

Lee Bond

©copyright Lee Bond 2014

smashwords Edition

A special thanks to all my fans! You’ve been running with Garth ‘Nickels’ N’Chalez since the beginning, and I appreciate each and every one of you!


The Most August Lady Ha’s ‘Difficult’ Choice

Naoko woke quietly, momentarily forgetting where she was; it wasn’t until her eyes –blinking and fluttering against sleep- fell on the ridiculously wonderful stairwell spiraling up to a second floor that she remembered she was in Garth Nickel’s bedroom. A sly smile stole across her face. She wondered what her friends –her father- would think about that.

Lying in bed, Naoko wondered where Garth was; the last thing she remembered was him saying he was going for a shower. The woman wrinkled her nose. Knowing him, he was sleeping in the other room to prevent anything untoward. Her Father would approve of that.

Remembering her father brought her bolt upright and fully awake within seconds. Her Father! She hadn’t spoken to him in hours! Almost the entire day and … and he’d known she was going to The Museum! He had to be insane with worry.

“Foolish girl!” Naoko berated herself, mimicking her father’s predictable ire.

A terrible tragedy easily beating the Spaceport Disaster in terms of life lost with her being in the middle of it and not reaching out to her father. What kind of daughter forgot that?

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