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Chapter 1

September 1775, New York City

Birds chirped merrily and two children laughed as they played around the liberty pole at Grover’s Square in New York City. Ian and James strolled north toward the square, looking like two young gentlemen merely taking a turn about the neighborhood.

A rented carriage was sitting at the edge of the park and as they approached Amos Blackwell emerged from it and greeted them even as three more carriages approached from the east.

Good morning Mr. McCloud, Mr. Barrows I’m pleased to see you both again.”

We’re pleased to see you again too sir. Have you some recommendations to make regarding our building?”

I certainly do, sirs. Is there a place where we can to look at my plans properly? I do apologize for requesting a meeting like this but I only have a tiny rented room nearby and it’s totally unsuitable for that.”

Ian was about to respond when the three carriages pulled up and discharged their occupants at the entrance of Grover park where they were standing. To Ian’s surprise out stepped Colonel Harold Grundy.

Although his expression didn’t betray his surprise, he thought Grundy? How in hell did he find me here today? Worse yet, what does he want?

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