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Claimed by the Wolf (Werewolf Romance Collection)

Published 2012 Stroker Chase at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 Stroker Chase

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Table of Contents

Hunted (Untamed)

Werewolf Sex Club

Between Two Wolves

Bred to the Wolf

Bred to the Pack

Taming the Wolf

Hunted (Untamed)

Lynn should have been afraid, not excited. She shouldn’t have known where to go, but she found herself leaping through the open paths, pushing away branches, and hurdling underneath dark passageways through the woods.

Everything around her was a blur, except for the full moon above. It guided her path like a good friend always watching her back.

Her back…she just remembered the beast on her heels. She was lost in the high from running. She forgot why she was running in the first place.

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