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It snarled. Branches snapped too close for comfort. Lynn leapt over a tiny stream and landed on the other side, scrambling up a hill. Where did she find the strength? How open was it? Could she run forever without feeling tired, without ever losing the pounding of adrenaline?

She wished. She wished it could last forever. Just as she was about to tear into another path, the beast howled, and a great mass of fur barreled past.

It snatched her ankle, dropping her to the cool ground. Lynn tumbled, landing and spinning off her shoulder. Surprisingly it didn’t hurt, but it did wake her fear.

The beast raised in front of her. Its eyes glowed like two golden suns. She darted back on her hands and knees.

That’s when she realized she was naked. Completely exposed, she shoved her thighs together.

How on Earth did she get there? How did she end up at the beast’s mercy?

Her thighs quivered. The beast stalked her. Its strength was overwhelming, and Lynn felt herself succumbing. The chase had just been a game.

Now it was her time to deliver. The beast would tear open her thighs and gorge itself on her love. She could feel its heat already.

She could see the long, thick shadow swaying between its enormous thighs. She squealed, clenching tight, waiting for the moment when it would spread her apart…

Lynn was sucked away, then came bright flashes, mixed in with fragmented memories. An eerie feeling of deja vu washed over her, but she couldn’t move, only travel through the memories.

She saw the wood. Dark and deep and mysterious. Then she saw the beast, its glowing eyes following her every move.

She saw the sign post that led her to the woods to begin with. “Pinebrook Drive.” Then it was all taken from her.

When Lynn awoke, she darted from her bed, gasping for air.

The last memory that flashed before her was that of a small building littered with toys and children’s paintings. A nursery of some sort, she imagined.

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