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Seducing the Babysitter

Published by Faye Parker at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 Faye Parker

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Jane ran through the darkness of their lawn holding Rick’s hand. She pulled him as they stumbled, drunk, and horny. When was the last time they had a fun night? She couldn’t remember. They always liked to keep things interesting, but with the baby, there was little time to do the things they used to.

Not tonight.

Tonight Jane could get wild.

Rick pressed her against their house. Her back hit the siding, and she slumped over, her thighs trembling as he kissed her neck. She moaned, exposing herself to him more. He ran his tongue over her tenderness. She squirmed, her hands running closer to his crotch.

Jane was terribly excited. She felt so wet, so ready. The world spun. She might have drank too much, but for the moment, it felt just right.

Her breath rose and fell rapidly. His hands clenched her thighs, pulling her closer to his hard on. Jane wanted him inside her. Her sex felt swollen, needy.

Then the door swung open.

“Huh?” Shocked, they both leapt from their garage door. A small smiling girl peered out. She waved at them.

“Sorry, continue. I just heard a noise and got worried.”

Tia, their babysitter slammed the door. Rick and her laughed, his head resting on her neck as they both tried to regain their composure.

“I totally forgot about her,” he said.

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