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Jane was terribly excited. She felt so wet, so ready. The world spun. She might have drank too much, but for the moment, it felt just right.

Her breath rose and fell rapidly. His hands clenched her thighs, pulling her closer to his hard on. Jane wanted him inside her. Her sex felt swollen, needy.

Then the door swung open.

“Huh?” Shocked, they both leapt from their garage door. A small smiling girl peered out. She waved at them.

“Sorry, continue. I just heard a noise and got worried.”

Tia, their babysitter slammed the door. Rick and her laughed, his head resting on her neck as they both tried to regain their composure.

“I totally forgot about her,” he said.

“I didn’t. I was just hoping we would get away with it.”

“Should we keep going?”

His hand brushed her chest. His fingers tempted her, running along her nipple. They were hard, pushing into her bra.

But Jane couldn’t keep going. She was surprised that Rick wanted to. Their babysitter just caught them. Something deep inside wanted her to keep going, thinking that it would be hot to have Tia hear her screams of passion, but she couldn’t.

“You’ve lost it. Did all of your mind go down there?”

When she said “down there” she gave Rick’s cock a squeeze. It didn’t help the situation.

“Settle that thing down, then we’ll go inside.”

“It might take awhile.”

“I’ll meet you in there.”

She leaned in, giving him a kiss.

“We’ll continue after she leaves.”

He nodded, smirking. Rick had been waiting awhile for this night. He couldn’t wait to be inside her, to make her scream at the top of her lungs and rock the bed, much like they used to do before Riley was born.

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