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Bert Marshall

Copyright Bert Marshall 2012

Published at Smashwords

Sven’s Contribution by Bert Marshall

Shut your mouth, boy! I represent the law and you best to ‘preciate that.”

I stifle my next comment, as the idiot already has his hand on the butt of his large stunner, a obsolete and well-worn model no one has carried in twenty years.

Now let me see your ID chip and make it quick!” As he looks around, I note his name tag reads Special Deputy Jake Desposney. I get the feeling he’s late for a meal, or maybe a crime-fightin’ biscuit? I deliberately take my time, but finally hold out my left hand. “Sven Iberson 11243 Quarters, Block 17, Section 7, Sector 44, Texasville Quadrant, “ he says as the scanner displays my Global ID. The way he reads it, makes him sound like a buffoon, as he pronounces each syllable slowly.

Steve Iberson…”

No, you’re Sven, it says so right here,” he says to me then suddenly he gets a look of panic on his pock-marked face and he backs up a bit. “Hey, wait one dang-burned minute! You Judge Iberson’s son?”

Yes…” I say, almost whispering the word without looking at him.

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