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Find Your New Job!

Your Guide To Searching, Interviews & Selecting Your New Job!


Simon Hill

Copyright 2012 Simon Hill

Smashwords Edition

Author's Introduction

Thank you for picking up this book. Honestly, it means a lot to me that during a period of uncertainty in your life you might find something in my words that helps you along the way. Even if one sentence I have written makes sense, makes something 'click' for you then I truly feel like I have accomplished the purpose of this e-book.

I myself have been through a lot when it comes to work. I started a small live-events promoter, and when a much bigger promotions firm came along and purchased a massive venue, suddenly the game changed. Small guys like me could not operate on the same scale and I didn't want to go backwards. I had to change what I did, adapt to the circumstances around me. I spent a long time thinking about what my job actually was (writing my long CV) and whittled it down to what I actually enjoyed and what I wanted to do going forward (my short CV).

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