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Passing Fancy

Published by Darius Powell at Smashwords

Copyright © 2012

Bad News Travels Faster


Over the years she’d grown accustomed to the varying ways that all of the low level office staffers looked at her but somehow today felt different. It was as if they all knew something that she didn’t. While some looked bewildered, others looked nervous; nonetheless, all of them paid attention to her every move. Acutely attuned to the current feel of the room yet confidently undaunted, Theodosia Makryonitis, known to everyone as Theo, continued to walk towards her corner office with complete aplomb.

She had given her personal assistant the day off which was fast becoming a decision she was starting to regret because as fate would have it she recalled that today was going to be filled with a lot of tedious work. This was further evidenced by the overstuffed briefcase that hung from her shoulder and the bundle of folders crammed between her arms. The end of the fiscal year was fast approaching so Theo wanted to get a jump start on assessing the present value of existing contracts and developing a realistic personnel strategy for the upcoming free agency period, the college draft and the new league year.

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