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A specific language is needed to create something for if there is no language in existence, how can one determine what to create in the first place? The cyber world, as it is referred to in common day society, works the same way where it relies off a common mathematical language to carry out its daily tasks. On of the languages used is called Binary. Binary, consisting of only ones and zeros, is a mathematical computerized language that is used to calculate values and carry out other tasks, like how machines carry out the processes that they are programmed to do for human society. Mathematics itself, which the cyber world relies on, is a world that does not consist of concrete objects, but of hypothetical objects that represent the objects that exist in reality.

In this way, we can represent language as a concrete object, the dimensions more specifically, which aren’t really concrete concepts, but yet are things that exist in reality. There are one dimensional languages, two dimensional languages, three dimensional languages, and so forth with the other languages existing in other dimensions yet not understandable by our current human knowledge. For example, binary is a one dimensional language, where it only works with one layer considering the Schafftarian hypothesis.

One example of existent hypothetical machines that use this one dimensional language is the Turing’s Machine. The Turing’s Machine relies on only working on one dimension, which means that it can only carry out only one process per exponential process that is carried out. Computers use this type of method, only carrying out one process per exponential step. In our current times, the improvement of computers only leads to computing faster these exponential steps by speeding up how fast it takes to carry out these steps. However, it isn’t really the focus of discussion when carrying out multiple steps per process. This means having a language that works on multiple dimensions. Here is an example of a multiple dimensional language using only ones and zeros.

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