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When Neil arrives at Kent’s house for dinner as a first step to rebuilding their friendship, the last thing he expects is to be attacked. Neil is forced to watch as Kent is beaten viciously and he begs them to stop before they kill him. One of the last things Neil hears before he loses consciousness is, "Don’t want him dead... yet. Just leave enough evidence."

A confused and frightened Neil awakens to find himself locked in a cell. He’s grateful to find Kent is with him but concerned because Kent is deeply unconscious. Neil looks after him as best as he can, praying Kent will wake up, promising himself that when Kent does, Neil will admit to him how he really feels. Seeing the man he loves attacked and almost killed has crystallized his feelings. Neil is relieved two days later when Kent comes to. But then the cell door opens and things go from bad to worse.


Stevie Woods did a good job showing that no matter how strong you are there are still things that will test your resolve. Revenge is a Dish is a great story about the strength of love.


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