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Araina Goes On Vacation

(Day one)

Tranquility Jones

Copyright 2013 by Tranquility Jones

Smashwords Edition

This book is a work of erotic fiction containing graphic sexual scenes with consenting adult characters over 18. It is not recommended for readers under 18. Adults Only!

Araina was 27 years old, stood 5’6” with long jet black her that went to the mid of her back a beautiful face with full lips and slanted light brown eyes that almost makes her look Asian and has a very curvaceous 165l.b body with 40D’s and a vanilla cream complexion.

Growing up in the suburbs Araina lived a very sheltered life and had gotten a late start with just about everything outside of a good education and an excellent paying job.

Araina was on every honor role since she’s gone to school with perfect attendance. She was valedictorian in middle school, high school and in college. She was an “A” student all the way, but it wasn’t easy. Araina had to sacrifice her pleasures so that she could achieve her goals which were to have the job that she always dreamt of and a kick ass salary where she would never have to worry about how much money she had in her account.

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