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The Bloodstone Oracle

Sacrifice (coming soon)

Oceans of Red series

Volume one- Rise of the Demons

Volume two- Demon Evolution

Volume three- Demon Apocalypse (coming soon)

A Higher Calling

A Christmas Miracle


Ghost Diaries

After going through at least twenty or more hatboxes, I ran across this particular file. It seems remarkably different than the previous haunting. More importantly, it appears my father, David Ford, spent a good deal of time researching this case. The diary begins in January of 1901, but nothing of consequence is noted until the death of Annie Bonner in July of 1902. This story is a compilation of Reginald Bonner’s journal entries as well as detailed accounts from the diary of a Miss Faith Hicks.

My name is Taija Ford and this is my second real investigation into my father’s mysterious pastime. Whether the story we’ve pieced together is true or false, I’ll leave for you to decide.


Entry taken from the journal of Reginald Bonner. Allegedly first discovered in an abandoned storage locker and later sold to Riser’s Antiquated Books in 1981. I ran across it while perusing the shelves and purchased it in 1982. Mr. Bonner claims to have been a school teacher, but the expensive leather binding, as well as the size of the book, leads me to believe he either came from a wealthy family, or there is more to his story than meets the eye.--DF

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