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The Exam (Her Doctor’s Orders 1)

The Exam

Caroline Calais

Copyright 2013 by Caroline Calais

Smashwords Edition

Ella looked at the calendar on her desk and sighed. Apart from work, it was pretty much empty. Well, I guess that’s to be expected when you move to a new place she thought to herself. I guess I just need some time to get out there and meet people.

Three months earlier, Ella had moved from the small town in Minnesota she lived in to Seattle. The big city was a change for Ella, who had grown up with less than two thousand people in what was more of a village than a town. Still, Ella wanted a change in her life. She’d broken up with her first and only boyfriend, her high school sweetheart, after she caught him fooling around with another girl.

Completely devastated, and always one to make impulsive decisions, Ella packed up her things, kissed her mom on the cheek and hopped on a bus to Seattle. Ella had no job, no place to stay, no contacts in the city, and only $300 in her checking account. Still, she made it work, and three months later Ella had found a job working in the office of a manufacturing company. She rented a one bedroom apartment just outside the city and had even bought herself an old beater of a car.

Now all Ella was missing was friends. Still, I shouldn’t be wasting time. I’m sure there’s a bunch of things I should be doing that I haven’t thought of. Ella decided to make a list of things she needed to do. Well, so far my furniture consists of a mattress on the floor and a fold out table. Maybe I’ll go buy some furniture tomorrow, since it’ll be payday she thought, looking around. To say the apartment was sparsely furnished was an understatement. Ella added three or four more errands to do to her list, then realized she hadn’t been to the doctor for a checkup in a few years. Ella felt healthy, but she also had health insurance now, and so she could make an appointment and make sure nothing was wrong.

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