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Breeding the Goth Girl Next Door

Published by Faye Parker at Smashwords

Copyright 2013 Faye Parker

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Crystal staggered as she stepped in her leather boots, stumbling over her front lawn. She kept her sights on the front porch, hoping that she could make it. Her friends honked the horn. Assholes. They would wake the whole neighborhood before she even made it to her door.

But she couldn’t blame them, they were just as messed up as her. Crystal remembered what she took at the rave, so she was surprised it was hitting her so hard. She usually had no problem getting home. Now she could barely make it to her front door.

Her friends shouted something, sounded like gibberish to her drunken ears, and then she heard them pull out of her driveway followed by a screech. It caused her to fumble. She laid there on her knees, looking around her, but then her hands laid on the grass, which was a mistake.

The drugs heightened her senses, so she found the grass mesmerizing. She waved her hands over it, feeling it graze over her palms, and she squirmed, laughing. Crystal felt so innocent and carefree that she forgot all about home.

That’s when she heard footsteps, and she looked above her to see a shadow towering over her.

A shadow person. She heard some of other goths at the club talking about how they did so much drugs that they would see shadow people...but she never expected to see one herself.

“You all right?”


“I said, are you all right?

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