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Definition of a terrorist
By: Anza Farrukh
Copyrights reserved, 2013 by Anza Farrukh

So you think you know the definition of a terrorist?
It's strange to me the way we see things at time, without any acumen. We usually prefer to watch the surface and make an idea how things seem to us! It's disappointing much! Isn't it? For me it is. I've often asked myself just this one thing that why exactly 'we kill people to show people that killing others is bad.' Ironic much? I think it is! Sitting idly, you go for the remote control, switch the t.v on and all you see there, is some killing, blood, kidnapping, blasts, accidents etc! Chaos around the world in fact, when people are killed or whatsoever happens, mostly innocent lives are taken! We watch the news, think on it for a while and accept it as it seems. Don't you? There's always two sides to every story which we aren't likely to bother about! It results things quite differently. People living in one corner of the world start having an antipathy towards some other community living million miles away , they don't even mind decrying and demeaning! Aren't we really going to that level where there is no clemency at all? We are more ascerbic and frustrated! I believe it's imperative to clear our concepts and beliefs towards different things, people, countries & even religions! Whenever there's a bombing somewhere, mostly Muslims are called terrorists! Without actually going deep into the roots, we think Americans/British are at fault! Being from Pakistan doesn't hurt but when American/British media calls Pakistan a terrorist country, that surely hurts! I belong to this place, I know and can tell a lot about this place. My dad spent a couple of years in Australia & a few of my relatives spent most of their lives residing in England because they were born there so I also have an idea how to emote regarding these countries! We mustn't allege anyway.. More of some categories around the world now, we percieve with the things just as they look to us but in reality situation is never like that.
In Pakistan, people are strong emotionally a lot more than one could actually think of! They've been through a lot.. Precious lives are taken every day in bomb blasts, not only that but also a lot of people lost their lives in drone attacks. Media exaggerates !! Tribal areas of Pakistan have had always been such a proud part for the country, the innocent people there, their culture and everything, since there came a time when a part of American government wanted to kill the terrorists in Pakistan? Again 'killing people to show people that killing others is bad'.. American government had it's action planned out in Iraq and Afghanistan earlier.. Many innocent lives were gone then.. There were children, naive much, new borns, toddlers, few who must have still wanted to study, who had their big dreams. They just couldn't achieve them! Could they? What the other Government had in return? For instance if I state the facts for Iraq war then, from March 2003 to April 2009, a total of 110,600 violent deaths was reported, source : Associated press. While according to Iraq body count project, 110,937-121,227 civilian deaths from violence in March 2003 to December 2012. The thing that amazed me is that a total of 4,486 US soldiers were also killed. While If I state the facts for the war held in Afghanistan then again many casualities occured, since 2001, onwards not only Afghani people died but US soldiers too. And do you know? Albanian troops, Australian forces, Canadian, Denish, Georgian, Jordanian, Hungarian, Romanian, Polish, Estotian forces and many others also lost a number of theirs soldiers while compensating the US military forces to continue the war against Afghanistan. According to Marc W. Herold's extensive database, Dossier on Civilian Victims of United States' Aerial Bombing, between 3,100 and 3,600 civilians were directly killed by U.S. Operation Enduring Freedom bombing and Special Forces attacks between October 7, 2001 and June 3, 2003. Then ,700 people were killed in 2005 according to an Associated Press count. 4,400 Afghans had been killed in 2006, more than 1,000 of them civilians, source : Human rights watch report. More than 7,700 people were killed in 2007, including: 1,019 Afghan policemen, 4,478 militants, 1,980 civilians and 232 foreign soldiers. The UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) reported that 2,118 civilians were killed as a result of armed conflict in Afghanistan in 2008, the highest civilian death toll since the end of the initial 2001 invasion. The number of casualities only increased rather than decreasing in the following years. Same sort of pattern continued till 2013.
So, how many of us actually ever pondered on that? How and why it all started? It's been just put in our minds that they were terrorists and so American government took a serious action against it all. Utterly sad!
I can recall 15th December 2012 when a guy suspected to be 20 year old son of a teacher, killed twenty young children while a total number of 28, he took those lives without showing any mercy at all. What did those young ones ever do? they surely didn't mean any harm at all. They studied at Connecticut elementary school, precious lives who also must have planned their future, some cute boy must have thought of becoming an engineer, some girl must have thought to be a teacher by profession, they just dreamed, loved their lives, but what harm did they do to anyone? Answer is 'No harm'.. That's grievous much! Does that have to do with Christianity? No! then Islam? No ! that guy wasn't Muslim. Then? He was simply a terrorist, who terrified those young souls, those children who were too naive and innocent to be hurt!
Now if I again state another inicident that took place in America, where to be exact? Colorado! That's where that sad inicident occured! Many families, their children, couples, a few friends planned a night out, they thought to go and watch this 'batman movie' on it's release all around the world, 20 July, 2012 when it happened. Almost 12 people were killed and 59 were left wounded. All harm done by just one guy, James holmes ; a Phd student, who wore a gas mask, entered the cinema and opened fire after tossing tear gas canister. He was later arrested is Aurora city. Who was he? A muslim? No he wasn't! Again, It doesn't have to do anything with one being a Jew, a Muslim or Christian! It's just an evil mind which could be possessed by anyone at all.
We cannot forget Virgina Tech massacre, where 32 people were killed. On April 16th, 2007, Seung-Hui-Cho opened fire and many of the students were killed there, then he killed himself afterwards, he was diagnosed with anxiety disorder earlier but yes he wasn't a Muslim. Neither he was from Pakistan nor from Iraq/Afghanistan. Still he killed many people blindly! Isn't it sad how loss of life occurs all around the world.
Now, talking about Pakistan, If I start there have had many incidents occured and still do that cause many casualities. So how many of us will ever think that drone attacks did any good to either Pakistan or America even? Well the answer is pretty simple! They never did any good to anyone. Drones are aimed at so-called-Talibans who aren't really even there, whether they are there or not, that isn't the thing to ponder on but what really is that a number of children are left crying as orphans there in Wazirastan, in tribal areas, in North-West-Frontier-province, there had been reported more of casualities of civilians rather than any of those talibans. So again loss of innocent lives! 2004 to 2013, total 350 strikes were done, a total of 2,586 to 3,375 were killed, among which 472 to 885 were civilians & hundreds of children were killed too! So who's a terrorist now?
I didn't state the facts to diparage Americans, what I mean to tell is that everyday many people are killed and all the lives are precious. We just need to make ourselves realize of this fact that all the lives that exist or once did, were and those that do now, are precious and forever will be. Calling a Muslim terrorist is certainly wrong, if someone took part in spreading terror around, if he did some killing and never regretted it then he must be called terrorist but not a Muslim. Terrorism doesn't have to do anything either with Islam or even with Christianity! It has to do with ill-sick-minds who go for killing and shitting rather than spreading love and peace around in the world. Those wars in Afghanistan and in Iraq neither led Americans to any better place nor the residents of the two neighbouring countries. All I know is that after some serious chaos in both the countries, America went through some financial crisis. My point here is that we need to spot out the person at fault and not blame randomly! Wars lead us nowhere. Did something beneficial happened? No I think! Not only many people of both the countries died but also many US military soldiers lost their lives. They had families to return to, they had children too, they must have planned to spend Christmas with them, they also wanted to sacrifice their lives for some good cause but not the one that they had to go for!
Talking about the destruction caused by Israel in Palestine. Whole situation which just seems hypothetical to Israeli and American governments is in fact very ignominious. Israel trying to annex, caused much chaos to that country. Why? Another massacre in Muslim country. For last five years, Israel tried killing as much people as it possibly could. Firing rockets in that territory over the innocent lives, just so they could have hegemony! Just so they could rule by a massacre? a bloodshed? that's not where humanity lies! Not atleast in the hearts of Israeli government. Israel killed 2300 Palestinians and wounded 7700 in the last 5 years only, including 1477 children. While once in a 22 day assault, Israel killed 1500 people in just 22 days.. Israeli government even used bulldozers, tanks, heavy machinery, against the people there, tried to run over their fields which they were working on for so long, they even ruined their houses, some by firing rockets, others by heavy machinery, those people ran out of the eatables and no one was allowed to provide them with that imperature stuff. Infinite durass' on Palestinians! Israeli forces blindly fired all the women and children in those areas. Even all the chaos done in Gaza, they took so many precious lives! Children had nothing to eat, wounded ones had to be admitted in the hospitals but the circumstances circumventing were hard to deal with, they had no freedom in their very own territory, Israeli troops broke into their homes, didn't even spare one single day when there was no abduction done in any of the villages in Palestine. Poor souls! Civilians? what did they do so bad that they faced such situation! Israel being that wicked thing did all it could to attack even on press, so the truth could be held back from reaching the people everywhere around the world, people one way or the other found out the whole thing, the hypocracies going on! Palestinians had difficulty maintaining a livelihood and adequate standard of living, people didn't even remain employers there as for all the jobs were taken from Palestinians, even after having a masters degree in journalism, it was a huge difficulty to find a job for people who were educated much, qualified too but their fault?? they lived on Gaza strip and Israel was overtaking by force! People who had a few jobs there, they weren't even paid the whole time. I'd even quote here what I read the other day about some educated Palestinian guy who had endless difficulties working in Gaza, Palestine due to the biasness..
Ahmed al-Akhras, a 26 years old Palestinian residing in Gaza, completed a masters in journalism, and he said that, "He always had a passion for journalism and wanted to build a career in it so that he could address the issues that affect the people in Palestine, but despite having studied journalism abroad from Mauritania, he was having unending difficulties in finding work.” He explained that, “After he completed a masters in 2011, he was offered a job at the Wafa News Agency in the West Bank, and he was very much looking forward to working there, but his application for traveling to the West Bank was stalled with the Israeli authorities. He gave a security interview in June 2011, but till date he had have not heard anything in response. As a consequence his job was given to someone else.” Ahmed further said that, “After being disheartened with this lost opportunity he tried to find work in the Gaza Strip, but this was a very frustrating experience because despite having completed a masters and having gained practical experience through internships, he still had no paid work.”

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