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Bre spied her younger sister amongst the violinists and smiled. She was a talented musician so much so Bre figured she played in her sleep too. Her sister’s elbow dug into her ribs and she glared at her. “What?”

She smirked. “Don’t be testy or I’ll tell Lana you were late.”

Bre rolled her eyes. “You’re impossible, Ana.”

I know but you love me anyway.” Her smile was wide and Bre couldn’t help but smile. “I’m sorry about Ron.”

Bre’s smile faded. “I’m not,” she said icily. “Good riddance to the bastard.”

Ana touched her arm. “You ok?”

We’ll talk later,” was all she said and ignored the tears welling up in her eyes. Ron was not important tonight or any foreseeable night in her future. Tonight was about Lana and her solo performance.

She was absolutely proud of Lana’s flawless performance, the final piece for the night. She surged to her feet with the rest of the attendees, clapping and whistling her heart out for her younger sister.

They found Lana twenty minutes later talking to her friends in the school’s courtyard. Lana’s green eyes brightened when she saw them. “You guys made it!” she exclaimed and threw her arms around them. “Thank you so much for coming!”

Ana laughed. “You did great, Lana!”

Bre nodded and smiled. “Yes, you did! Thanks for picking that piece.”

Lana smiled and gave her a squeeze. “I knew you’d recognize it.”

How couldn’t I? It’s been my favorite since I first heard you practice it over the summer.” She looped an arm around her sister’s slender waist. “You did it justice, hon. Need a ride home?”

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