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The Boy hated living here. It was so dull! He hated his parents for moving here. He looked down the dull street: every house the same. Did children sometimes go home to the wrong house, by mistake? Did anyone even notice?

He didn't know anybody here. He'd left all his friends behind. At least he still had his dog. There was a dark-haired boy sitting in his front garden, reading. The dog had run off and started chewing the dark-haired boy's trainer. He didn't seem too happy about this - what with his foot still being inside it.

"I'm really sorry!" said The Boy.

"It's ok, no harm done. I'm Josh."

"Hi. I'm the Son of God."

"That's nice. My Dad's an accountant."

The boys stared at each other, unsure what to do or say. The Boy decided he liked Josh already, although there was something different about him - he just wasn't sure what. He seemed older, somehow.

"So, if you're the Son of God, can you do, like, miracles?"

"Oh yeah!" The Boy cried, excitedly. "One time, I turned one of my teachers into a frog!"

Josh was amazed - that sounded impressive. He wondered what happened to the teacher afterwards, didn't his wife mind being married to a frog?

"But if you're the Son of God, shouldn't you, I dunno, heal the sick or feed the hungry?"

The Boy looked hurt. Another time, he explained, his uncle had been really sick - practically dying. His Mum had been really upset, she was crying all the time. One night The Boy had found a teddy bear his uncle had given him. He got some water from the bathroom and blessed it - like he'd seen the vicar do at church. He dabbed the water on the teddy bear and wished for his uncle to get better.

The following day after school, he found out his uncle was being sent home - he was getting better! The Boy knew he'd done it: he'd cured him.

Josh whistled in appreciation.

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