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Female Whips n Kisses

Female Whips



Dr Jane Foxx

Copyright 2008 Dr Jane Foxx, Strict Publishing International

Chapter 1


My mother and mentor, Lady Cassandra, is a very strong-willed woman who guided me to follow in her footsteps. She is a well-known professional dominatrix.

A date-rape situation occurred when Cassandra was a senior in college, and I was the direct result. I never knew my father, but we had inherited wealth and property, always living comfortably as I grew into adulthood.

Cassandra's continuing contempt toward members of the male sex never wavered over the years. She passed along her scorn for them, just as surely as she did my wholesome good looks.

I learned well from Cassandra. Her personal motto has always been, "All members of the male sex are here to suck, serve, and suffer!" Such powerful phrases did not go unnoticed.

As her attentive daughter, Cassandra treated me regally, and when I became an adult we continued to be close confidants. I quickly learned that I could discuss any subject in Cassandra’s presence, while having her genuine interest.

Some observers have suggested Lady Cassandra rather resembles the fabled Morticia of the Addams Family. She is tall, slender, as graceful as a cat, frequently dresses in black, and can be quite sinister. She has flashing, dark green eyes, exquisitely expressive hands, and a contemptuous smile. To me, she has always been a loyal, trusted personality.

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