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Educating Autumn

Smashwords Edition

Jane B Night

Published by Jane B Night

Copyright 2013 Jane B Night

Book Club Edition

Part I: The Girl

Chapter 1

Suppertime in the Clare household was a busy time. Autumn Clare had just finished mashing potatoes when she heard the front door open, followed by the thump of boots on the wooden floor. Autumn turned to Katrina, her twin sister, and watched her empty a pitcher of water into a large basin.

I do hope the man I marry is not a farmer. I hate mopping up the muck they track in,“ Katrina said softly. There she was again, thinking about marriage.

Autumn never ceased to be amazed by how different she and her twin were. Looks-wise, Katrina resembled their mother. She was tall for a girl, and too thin. She had subtle curves and adequate breasts. Her most distinctive feature was her straight strawberry blond hair. Autumn, on the other hand, had been told that she resembled her father’s mother. Autumn had never met her grandmother, who had died shortly after her parents married. Autumn was shorter than her sister but not excessively for a girl. She was heavier than her mother and sister but not overweight. She had pronounced curves. Autumn had wavy auburn hair that hung just past her waist. Their looks were not the only thing that differed. Katrina was the perfect wife in training. She was quiet, efficient, and obedient. Autumn knew she was none of those things though she tried to be. Their last birthday had put them at the age of marriage, and ever since they had blown out their candles Katrina had been talking about becoming a wife. Autumn knew she wasn’t ready.

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