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To Wish Upon A Star

Daamic rose from his chair. “I know not the meaning of your words, but I know the tone. It could be a falsehood that I have presented to you, but I have nothing else to say or do to convince you. It is too bad, because you could save us months, maybe years of research.”

He breathed in sharply. “Now I am recovered enough to move about without falling. My thanks to you, but I must go back to my shuttle, and my ship. My attempted assassin has probably covered his effort well and I may not be able to identify him even now.”

He turned and eyed her again. “I will never forget you, Julia of Earth. Again, my thanks be to you for your help.”

Daamic strode across the kitchen toward the outside door. He was leaving and it wasn’t a trick. He was walking right out of her life, and she may never see him or have this opportunity again. Space! The Final Frontier. To boldly go where no man has gone before. The Star Trek words sounded through her thoughts.

At the door, Daamic turned. His frown filled his whole face. He ran his hand across the panels and glass panes. He grabbed the knob, but he couldn’t pull it open. Didn’t he know how to use a doorknob? He shook the handle so hard, the glass in the door rattled. Dang it. He’d break it.

She almost smiled. “It’s not locked, so just turn the handle with your hand. Then it will open.”

He took a deep breath and gradually turned the knob. The click of the latch filled the uneasy quiet. He glanced toward her one last time, and stepped through the opening.

He was leaving. He wasn’t kidding.

She rushed over to the open door to watch him. He stepped down the steps onto the driveway beside the house and started toward the back. The yard sloped toward the back fence, and the woods on the other side—the woods that might hold a spaceship.

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