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Dear Critic...

My naked mind is set before you,
inner torments and terror.
Cut me open
so i may heal over again,
not so deep i may die.

Force me to be me,
i will never be you.
Entice me to be better,
i covet your knowledge.
Soothe me to my private greatness.

You are better than me,
aren’t you?
You are more literary than me,
aren’t you?
You are my salvation?

Before my dreams fade to daylight,
before my suffering takes me under,
before my spirit tears apart,
before my ashes are spread,

say you like me...


Dear Reader,

Thank you for reading ‘Dear Critic...’ it is offered free of charge to you as a sample of the poetry of Spargo Postle. This poem is just one from of small collection of poetry Thoughts & Emotion - Poetry Pocket Book written by Spargo Postle. If you are lonely or in some way at the edge of the lives around you always remember that we are connected. We are not always easy to see, we are rarely heard, we can be too insecure to speak of the thoughts that stumble through our ever occupied minds, but we are here, we are united, we are truly the solitary many.

Love Ya, Spargo Postle... (

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