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Breeding Grounds (The K’ Turi Queen)

Published by Stroker Chase at Smashwords

Copyright 2013 Stroker Chase

Rae approached the grand entrance of Animar’s banquet hall. She could tell the guards’ eyes were focused squarely on her, rather than her entourage, the gigantic, muscular K’ Turi.

The party stopped at her presence. It was something that she was used to ever since being taken. Humans were a rarity. Something of legend.

It didn’t hurt her entrance that she was barely wearing any clothes. She wore the dress of an Effemade, the female species of Animar, which meant she wore flowing silk wound around her curves.

The silk was see through as well. She had worn them once before, and while it was embarrassing at first, she grew used to them. She still saw them as immodest, but they were wound of brilliant, soft colors, and looked gorgeous.

“Come, follow me.” Vex grabbed her hand and parted the sea of aliens.

They went back to their chatter. Most of them were talking about her arrival, no doubt, but she was glad that they resumed.

They stood beneath a great pillar, swerving into the domed ceiling, partially open to show the Animar moons. Kaach and Vex stayed close.

There were areas of feasts surrounding them. Away from the feasts, there were dark nooks, some glowing. It was fairly obvious what was happening in them.

Rae understood how the Effemade and Effedma were. They were sexual creatures. Only thinking about their cravings. A purely Hedonistic species.

Which was another reason why she didn’t feel too embarrassed wearing only the silks. The females around her, the Effemade, were dressed in them as well, only most didn’t bother to cover their breasts.

They were long, slender creatures. Not like the K’ Turi, bare chested, with straps crisscrossing their lower half, looking more like commandos than dinner guests.

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