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Rocked Hard (Rock Star Romance 2)

Rocked Hard

Serena St Claire

Copyright 2013 by Serena St Claire

Smashwords Edition

It had been a full week since I started living my dream, being on tour with Lunar Toads, and more importantly, Erik Holmgren. It still felt like a dream, completely unreal. It all started a few weeks earlier, when I, Alana Krauss, missed a flight to Prague where she was supposed to interview Erik. Having thought I missed my only opportunity to meet one of my idols, I was crushed, until I was called back and told I could see him after the show that night.

Erik invited me to a club, where we did things I could never have even imagined before. I went back to London to keep working at my job, until I was told by my editor that the Lunar Toads had specifically asked that I follow them while they were on tour in Great Britain and Ireland. We were in Manchester now, about to do the second of two shows in the city.

I had to admit, I loved every second of this adventure. The nights were late, and we didn’t wake up until at least noon quite often, before rushing to the arena for sound checks and rehearsals. I’m pretty sure I could have bought a small house in London with the money the band spent on alcohol. It wasn’t strange to see Erik on stage with a half full bottle of Jack in his hand while he screamed the hard rock lyrics of the band. I’m sure there was other stuff being bought as well, that wasn’t quite as legal as alcohol, though I had to admit I hadn’t seen much of it.

Now we were at a local restaurant, a pub, and locals were practically breaking down the windows to get a view of the man I was sitting across the table from. For some reason, Erik had taken a “bit of a fancy” to me, as they say in England. He was known to be a womanizer, with numerous girlfriends and groupies, but I had to admit, I hadn’t seen him with another woman since I went to St. Pancras to meet the band.

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