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Caught By My Step-Brother Smash.docx

Caught By My Brother

by Sandra Woods

Smashwords Edition

I looked around the corner and down the hall. It was mid-afternoon on a Saturday, usually when everyone was either out of the house, or taking a nap. Both of which provided me some time to be alone and uninterrupted. There was always commotion in the house, someone making noise or bothering you. These moments of silence were extremely rare and had to be acted upon.

I touched my hand to the brass knob and clicked the lock button on the door. Walking back towards my desk, I extended my arms and flung my shirt off my body. The cool air conditioner sprouted a series of goosebumps across my toned, tan body. The small hairs on my bulging arms stood up as I eased my large hands into the waistband of my mesh shorts. In one motion, I slipped them from my waist and slid them over my ass, still sore from the workout I did yesterday. Tenderly, I sat in the chair, relaxing as the cool leather comforted my sore and warm back.

Within a few clicks, I navigated to my favorite internet site. A catalog of every imaginable kink popped up on my screen. Anal, Oral, First Time, MILF, the list went on and on until my cursor jumped over a title which peaked my interest. “First time Bi” was written in white across the small thumbnail which pictured two hunky men and a small, lithe blond girl on a large bed.

Recently, I had been exploring different kinks. Some of them were not for me, quickly changing my mind once the scenes were too graphic. But, I had stumbled onto a few movies which peaked my interest in something I normally dismissed as grotesque and taboo. It started with a movie about one girl sharing two tall, hung men. Sucking both cocks at once in her mouth, the tips of their thick cocks touching. I wasn’t sure why or when I developed this interest, but my dick grew hard just thinking about the scene.

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