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Pointer Puppy & Dog Training and Understanding Tips

By Vince Stead


© 2013 by Vince Stead

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ISBN: 978-1-300-73057-6

1. The Characteristics of a Pointer Puppy and Dog

The Pointer, who can also be known as the English Pointer, is in the sporting group of dog breeds. They were most likely developed around the 1650s by crossing the Italian Pointer, Bloodhound, Foxhound, Greyhound, Newfoundland, Setter and the Bulldog.

The Pointer is a hunting dog that when it spots game, it stops and “points” in its direction, which is how they got their name “The Pointer”. Among hunters, the Pointer became popular in the early 1700s. They are excellent at catching a scent and pointing their hunters in the right direction of the game, but they do not retrieve the game, they are pointers of where it is at.

Pointers are fairly genetically sound as a dog breed. Some problems that this breed can have may include Hip Dysplasia, Epilepsy, Cherry eyes, allergies, thyroid problems and dwarfism. They can also have skin conditions, so it is always best to take your dog for regular vet checkups.

The average height for a male Pointer is about 22 to 24 inches and the average for a female is about 21 to 24 inches. The average weight for a male Pointer is about 55 to 75 pounds and for a female Pointer the average weight is about 45 to 65 pounds. The average life span for a Pointer is about 13 to 14 years on average.

Pointers are really easy to groom because of their smooth coats. Brushing them regularly will prevent any shedding, as they are average shedders. Brushing them once a week will do just fine usually. They only shed lightly throughout the year. You only need to bathe them when necessary. If you rub a Pointers coat with a chamois their coat will gleam. Check the feet also, especially after the dog has been exercising or working.

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