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The Other Artist

Published by Jon Burr at Smashwords.

Copyright 2013 Jon Burr

Smashwords Edition, License Notes

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“Art for Sale” was all the Internet ad said. Though Robert wasn't normally the type to answer such a vague listing, the address was only a few streets from his house. So, without leaving the comfort of his own neighborhood, he pulled up to 6410 Westwood Way, a modest, single-story brick structure that looked like it was built in the 1960s.

Walking up the drive, Robert noticed that the hedges lining the house's front were neatly trimmed and the window boxes contained bright purple flowers. Below his feet, loose rocks rolled and shifted along the cracked and broken driveway; crevices were filled with sprigs of grass shooting upward and ants scurrying from one chasm to the next.

Stepping up on the brick porch and opening the storm door, Robert knocked quietly, not wanting to disturb the inhabitants. Despite his efforts, an eruption of sound rang out. Outside of his view on the other side of the door, a dog barked and scratched frantically. Moving to a lower step, Robert prepared to evade the foul beast that was about to be unleashed.

After waiting a moment, he heard the shuffling and muffled voice of someone corralling the animal and keeping it at bay.

Following a few moments of silence, the door cracked and the white hair of an elderly lady's face appeared. Her body remained hidden in the shadows, surrounded by black on all sides.

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