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Tears turned into Happiness



Copyrights© 2013 – Akshitha

The moment which surrounded with blushful happiness that it is filled with everyone.....

That moment is so important between the two who exchange theirs happiness...

The two exchange theirs happiness with theirs eyes without speaking.....but theirs eyes speaks a lot.... with the traditional dresses and wored the jewels...

The most wonderful moment that the girl got it from her boy..he tied the knot in her neck with eyes full of happy..with the lot of surprise,they stand for blessings and getting the wishes

At the moment the girl entered the marriage hall...





akshitha:hi,happy wedding day...

avinash introd her to his girl....that she is his friend..

avinesh&anjali:thank you!!

akshitha:Gave the flower which it is full of jasmine flower and red rose in between the roll of flower...that is the flower full of white and red which looks too amazing..

The brides wored white silk vaeshti and the girl word red kura saree...

She came with the gift of flowers and happiness!!

akshitha:exchange the flower!!

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