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What he did know was that her firm ass grinding on his package felt really damn good. He danced with her a little, hands on her hips, swaying, growing hard and getting off on the fact that he knew she could feel it through the fabric of his jeans and her nurse's skirt.

He also knew that she was legal. That was the stipulation his father had left before he had the go-ahead to throw the costume party: booze only if everyone was over eighteen. Dad was going to be making a senate bid next year. The last thing he needed was some kind of scandal, so the guest list had been harshly restricted to those eighteen and up.

He broke away from the nurse with a laugh, giving her a last swat on the ass before heading over to the kitchen. Omar and Hector were already inside, tapping the keg.

"Hey bro," Omar said, giving Terry a high five. "Lots of fly honeys in the party tonight."

"Yeah." Terry grabbed a plastic cup. "You see that fine-ass nurse? She was all up on my junk."

"Yo man, you better be careful Allison don't catch you," Hector said. "She'll slap your balls off."

"She gets mad jealous," Omar said, giving the keg a few pumps.

"Not any more." Terry lowered his cup, letting his teammates fill it with beer. "I broke it off with her yesterday."

"Yo, for reals?" Hector said.

"Hell yeah," Terry said. "Why put off the inevitable? We're going off to different schools. You know long distance relationships don't work."

"Yeah, cuz you can't keep that shit in your pants," Omar said.

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