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Post-Op Reunion

Transvestite Party Foul

Transsexual Burlesque

Brian had only asked Jerry out to the club as a courtesy, because he was there in the break-room when he invited Greg. He hadn't expected their taciturn coworker to accept.

"Oh," Greg said. "Cool."

Brian was somewhat more articulate. "We're going to support my cousin. She'll be doing her first show there tonight."

It wasn't that Jerry was antisocial or unfriendly. It wasn't that Brian didn't like him or didn't really want him going. It was just that Jerry wasn't really the sort to go out and do... well... anything. Brian realized that he knew nothing about Jerry outside of work. He never talked about his weekends. He never went out drinking with the guys. The walls of his cubicles were sparse, devoid of anything that might bring a sense of his personality. He wasn't aloof or rude; just a little distant.

"Sounds like a good time," Jerry said with his typical lack of inflection, taking a spoonful from his pudding cup.

"Okay," Greg said. "Meet us at Leshka's at eight."


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