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What Others Are Saying About This Book . . .

“Grace Robbins has written an explosive tell-all about one of my favorite authors—the wild and wonderful Harold Robbins. He did it . . . She did it . . . And then he wrote about it . . . Sexy fun.”

Jackie Collins, New York Times best-selling author

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“The book is a fascinating and racy frothy read—magnificently written, and built with plenty of scandalous and salacious detail.”

Barry Krost, award-winning producer

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“If you want the hot skinny on one of the world’s most interesting authors, Harold Robbins, look no further than one of the world’s most interesting women, his wife. Grace was always as much a part of the royal Hollywood social scene as Harold. They enlivened every major event I ever attended, and when they went home, they left everyone with something to talk about. Now Grace gets it all down on paper, remembering everything, and leaving out nothing. Every anecdote in Cinderella and the Carpetbagger is worth repeating. Every chapter is worth reading twice. Misunderstood as often as he was toasted, Harold was one in a million. He gave as good as he got, and thank god Grace was in the background, taking notes for posterity. I laughed, I wallowed in nostalgia for a time that will never come again, when people were originals and fame was something you could take to the bank. I gulped down every juicy minute of this funny, outrageous memoir. Do not take a pill before you go to bed with this book, because you will not be able to put it down until the sun comes up.”

Rex Reed

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“This sweet little memoir will not grab the Vatican’s blessing.”

New York Post

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