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The Adventures of Theologis

Michael L. Harvey

Copyright 2012


To all of the children and grandchildren who listen to stories.

Justin, Wendy, Erik, Tara, Aidan, Rachel, Carly, Katie

Allan, Arden, Audrey, Betty, Brian, Carl, Carol, Clayton, Corliss, Donna, Doris, Dwight, Ed, Edna, Ella, Ernest, Francis, George, Gertrude, Gladys, Harold, Hazel, Helen, Hjalmer, Iva, James, Jimmy, Joan, Joel, John, Kathleen, Kayo, Kim, Lila, Lillian, Llaney, Lyle, Margaret, Margo, Marian, Marlo, Martin, Marvin, Mary, Merle, Michael, Palmer, Patty, Penny, Peter, Raymond, Richard, Rita, Robert, Roberta, Ruth, Timmy, Wayne

Chapter 1 Baby Ant

Once upon a time a looong time ago in the deep dark jungle there lived a giant Rhinosaurus. The Rhinosaurus was named Theologis. Theologis loved all the animals in the jungle and all the animals in the jungle loved Theologis.

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